Read below to find out why you should go with us when buying UPC codes.

Not all UPC Code sellers are legitimate retailers. Be cautious before purchasing any UPC Codes for your products.

Authenticity –

All of the UPC codes that are sold by us are 100% Authentic and originally issued by the UCC/GS1-US. There are many UPC code sellers that claim their UPC codes are “Legal and Authentic” however we have found many that do not sell legitimate UPC codes. Buying from a reseller that does not sell authentic and legitimate UPC codes will cause you many problems down the road. There are companies who are simply making numbers up out of thin air and then, in turn, trying to sell these to their customers. George Laurer(Inventor of the UPC Barcode) has personally verified our UPC codes for legitimacy and we are also an active member at the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory. Each and every UPC prefix from which we sell our UPC codes from is registered with the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory so that you can verify that the UPC codes we sold to you are 100% legitimate. There are also some companies which have not authenticated their ownership of their UPC codes with George Laurer(Inventor of the UPC Barcode). Also, keep in mind we have personally found other companies(some on websites, some on auction sites) that are not selling legitimate UPC codes, which have not been mentioned on George Laurer’s blacklist which he has not come across just yet. If you are caught using stolen or fake UPC codes, you can lose your relationship with your suppliers. More importantly, if you get caught using a stolen or fake UPC code, and it belongs to a prefix owner, you are opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit where the prefix owner can sue you/your company for damages. It is extremely important to purchase UPC codes from a reputable source. We stand behind our UPC codes and only sell 100% authentic UPC codes which the prefix will always be registered with the Authenticated UPC Registration Directory.

USA Based Company –

There are many UPC code sellers to choose from. Some of these companies are based within the USA and others are based in foreign countries. From our findings, we have found that many foreign sellers do not sell authentic and ready to use UPC codes. This can cause serious problems and headaches down the road for you/your products. This not only pertains to buyers that seek to sell their products in physical stores but also online sellers as well. Sometimes, non-USA barcode sellers will have lower prices due to the fact that they don’t truly sell legal and authentic UPC codes.

Cheap UPC Codes? –

We are extremely competitive with our pricing. If you haven’t seen this already, we even offer a 110% Price Match Guarantee. The chances are if you find UPC codes cheaper than us, they are not legitimate. If you find UPC codes for sale at lower prices than ours, make sure to check that they are an active member of the Authentic UPC Registration Directory. We HIGHLY recommend staying away from “auction site” UPC codes as these are fly-by-night companies. You can rest assured that we will be here for years to come if you ever have questions or need assistance.

Amazon Pre-Checked UPC Codes –

Are you an Amazon seller? If so, another great reason to go with our UPC codes is that we cross-check and pre-check every single UPC code prior to its issuance. We use a proprietary custom software to make sure that each and UPC code we issue has never been used on Amazon. This means you are receiving the highest quality UPC codes possible. We only provide unused, never issued NEW UPC codes. Our UPC codes are NEVER used, re-sold or recycled.

Before AND After the sale customer service –

We are here for you before and after the sale. Whether you have a question before you purchase or a question after you’ve already purchased with us, we are always here for you. You can always expect to receive a reply to any of your questions/concerns within 24 hours or less.

Step by Step Process –

After placing an order with us, we give you step by step instructions on what you should do next. Most of our customers have no idea what step is next. This is why we provide every customer with a step by step process on what they should do next, depending on whether they want to sell their product in retail stores or online. We also include the step by step process on what you should do to have your product details show up when a customer searches for your barcode number online or through a price comparison app.

Non-Registered UPC Codes –

This is EXACTLY what you want and need, whether you sell online or in a retail store. We sell non-registered UPC Codes which means that we have not attached our company name in any way to your UPC number. What this means for you is that if someone searches your barcode number online or through an app, they will not see that you purchase your barcode from us. They will only see any details that you decide to provide for the product related to that UPC number. Remember, providing product details is completely optional and up to you. For products sold online, you don’t need to associate any product information with your UPC number. For products sold in retail stores, we recommend that you provide as much product information as possible about your product relating to that barcode number. Once you purchase from us, we include all of the details on how to provide this product information about your product relating to a specific UPC number.

Realistic Prices –

At, we believe in realistic pricing. You may have seen other UPC Code sellers listing their prices at $70-$100 per UPC code and then wondered why ours are so inexpensive? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one questioning why some UPC Codes are expensive and why others cost less. We have wondered the same thing as well, why are they so expensive? What are they giving you with your order that we don’t?

The verdict is…..absolutely no difference at all. That’s right, the difference between a $70+ UPC code and less expensive UPC codes are absolutely nothing. Unless you REALLY want to give these sellers extra money, then we recommend staying away from buying expensive UPC Codes. Imagine that you need 10 UPC codes, that means they are charging almost 10x more than if you purchased a GS1-US company prefix which you legally own and have a prefix certificate of ownership for.

110% Price Match Guarantee –

We were the first UPC seller to offer this guarantee, but what does that mean to you? It shows that even though we are not making any profit from selling our UPC codes at a lower price than our competition, we want YOU as our customer. It goes without saying, that a company that believes in their customers will always gain more customers. Not only do we believe in our customers, but we know that once you have purchased with us in the past and had a great experience, you will be back in the future if you ever need more UPC codes.

We stand by our promise to match and beat any legitimate UPC seller’s prices by 10%. If you want the lowest price when looking for UPC Codes, be sure to contact us if you find a cheaper price on UPC codes and once we verify their legitimacy, we will match and beat their prices by 10%. We reply to all price match requests within the USA within 24 hours or less and 24-72 hours or less for international vendors.

Sequential Order –

Every UPC code package that we sell comes with the UPC numbers in sequential order. Some sellers will sell you a list of scrambled numbers. Over the years, many of our customers have asked for their UPC code packages to come in sequential order, so we listened to what our customers wanted – sequential consecutive order. Upon purchasing from us, your order will always be in consecutive order. If you place 2 separate orders, we cannot promise consecutive order as this would be nearly impossible to orchestrate, but every order we sell will always be in consecutive order.

Bulk Barcode Image Generator –

Every order comes with private access (username/password), to our bulk barcode image generator. We are THE only company which offers FULL customization to their customers instead of simply providing basic low-quality images. You can modify your barcode images down to the exact pixel size that you specify. This helps you get the perfect sized barcode images to fit your product packaging, or you can use the images to print your own barcode labels. The image file types you can choose to generate your images are: .jpeg .png(true transparent), .gif and Vector .eps(scalable to any size without loss of quality). If you work with a graphic designer he will normally request the vector .eps file type since that is the BEST file type for manipulating barcode images.

Currently, we are THE ONLY site on the internet to offer a true vector .eps and transparent .png barcode images available for bulk download. It’s so simple to generate your barcode images from the provided UPC codes with your order, you’ll be generating barcode images in 30 seconds or less. We understand that your time is valuable which is why our barcode generator works so quickly, it can generate up to 10,000 barcode images in less than 20 seconds!

The 2 main reasons why you absolutely NEED our barcode image generator is because of the following file types:

.png – We currently do not know of a company/service that offers true transparent .png images available for bulk download. If your product packaging uses a colored background instead of just a plain white background, then you absolutely NEED our barcode generator to generate your images in .png file format. The reason for this is because the image itself is completely transparent which means you can put this image on ANY colored product packaging besides black/dark gray and it will scan perfectly, but most importantly – blend with your product packaging artwork.

.eps – We provide true vector .eps barcode images available for bulk download. Again, we are the only company/service that offers this. The reason that vector .eps files are important for barcode images is that they do not distort or lose quality when increased or reduced in size. You can literally take this image and make it large enough to fit on a billboard sign and it would lose any quality at all. If you work with a graphic artist for your product packaging artwork, he will request that you provide this file type, otherwise it could end up costing you anywhere from $100+ for your graphic artist to create custom high-quality resolution barcode images that fit your product packaging.

Every order comes with all of the necessary instructions on how to use EVERY aspect of the barcode image generator. For customers selling their products in stores, if you use a graphic designer for your product packaging, you can simply provide your graphic artist with the necessary login information and they will have full access to the barcode generator at no additional cost.

Security –

We understand how important it is that your order of UPC codes with us is 100% secure along with your personal/company information. This is why we have taken the necessary steps to safeguard your order as much as possible. Some companies store their UPC file information on their website server, but what happens if their website gets hacked, then thieves get your personal information and/or UPC code information. This is why we never store this information on our web server and only in protected folders within our company’s computer system.

Only 1 person within the company is allowed access your order information/UPC information and they are not allowed access from their home computer. He must physically he here at our office on the company computer which records all actions taken on that machine. The benefits of a high-security system such as this, allows us to always have your order on file in case you ever need your UPC code order re-sent to you. This is a great benefit to our customers as we always have your order backed up and ready to go, just in case you lost your order/UPC information.

Personal Level Details –

We have many “regulars” that we deal with on a daily basis to help them achieve the best pricing in the industry today. Much like a local diner just down the street from your home, every business has “regulars” and we help cater to those individuals that seek the best pricing or UPC package quantity customization to suit their needs.

Quality Non-Outsourced Customer Service –

We believe that all customer service should be in the language of our largest customer base. In our case, our USA customer base is by far the largest. Since we offer our UPC & EAN codes worldwide, we also help to translate our messages the best we can to other countries. We also believe in expedient customer service which means that you’ll always receive a response by email within 24 hours or less. Digital Wizards

Real Company with a Phone Number –

Some UPC sellers believe it is acceptable to operate their business without a phone number, we don’t believe in that same philosophy. We believe that any business that offers services for other businesses, should have a phone number. We are a real company with a phone number so that you can call and speak to a representative regarding any questions or concerns that you may have.

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