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Why to choose for purchasing the UPC Codes?

When buying UP  C codes you should go for a company who possess vast amount of knowledge and experience of several years. While you want to buy UPC Code you can only trust the best company who can deliver you the correct solution to your problems. We have a huge base of clientele all over the globe to provide the best of our services.

Looking for UPC codes for online retailers such as Amazon, eBay,, Walmart Marketplace, Google Shopping, Sears Marketplace, (Now or Newegg?

Our UPC codes work on different platforms which are created and engineered to work perfectly on all platforms. If you are working with online retailers then our UPC codes will best suit your needs for coding. If you are eager to work for different retailer then also it will easily suffice your need.


Google Shopping UPC Codes – GTIN Compatibility

There are many advertisers who use Google shopping for them GTIN Compatibility is essential as in 2015 Google has announced that they require UPC codes or GTIN products under 50 different brand names. After that, in 2016 they have alos announced that they would be requiring GTIN for each products if you are targeting in one of the 12 nations. Global Trade Identification Number is basically known as GTIN number and if you are following the customers in following countries like Czech Republic, Germany, UK, France, Brazil, Italy, and Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Apart from these nations also Google always prefers to use GTIN numbers. So we can provide you with that.

 Are all UPC Codes equal? Is there a difference in the quality of UPC codes sold by other sellers?  

Today most of the buyers are in a misconception that all the UPC codes are equal as they basically originate from the same source. That is the reason why we need to confront you with the truth about the UPC codes. From the online stores like us you can get the required quality of UPC codes as per your budget satisfies. Apart from that we try to give you the best codes that will suite your business needs. We basically provide custom system that are inter connected with the retail and online retailer system where you will be using UPC codes where all the other UPC codes will not be accepted as they are uniquely inbuilt for you to avoid any sort of data theft.

Basically our UPC Codes originate from UCC Prefixes (Now known as GS1) Now few things you need to be kept in mind while buying the UPC codes before purchasing from the seller. Actually on the below mentioned points lies the difference between quality UPC code seller and an ordinary UPC code seller.

So let’s explore the points to understand it in a better way. As a quality UPC code seller like us devoid of this malpractices.

  • Our codes are safer to use as it is devoid of Unlawful hijacking.
  • Our professionals are careful and sound enough to avoid typos when registering UPC codes for yourself.
  • Our codes are formatted in such a manner that typos error of retail store clerks can be easily avoided.
  • It will remove the error from the counter part of the seller to commit error while using UPC codes.
  • All the UPC codes are generated in a authenticated manner to reduce the chances of error.

That is the reason why we don’t prefer manual generation of UPC codes to maintain the high level of safety and uniqueness of your product code to ensure better handling of codes in a right manner.

How Many UPC Codes do I Need?

Basically retailer uses UPC codes to identify their product in the inventory system a different UPC bar code is require for each and every product. As for example if you are selling two flavours of bottled water in

  • Small ————-2 flavours so you require 2 UPC barcode
  • Medium ———–2 flavours  So you require 2 UPC bar code
  • Large —————2 Flavours  so you require 2 UPC bar code

Total UPC Code requires is (2+2+2)=6 UPC  codes for each flavor of bottles of different sizes. As, each unique code can help to differentiate the product from one another.

UPC CODE  Explained : What is a UPC Code lines means and How UPC Code Works?

Basically a UPC code is a 12 digit codes that are displayed in two different ways. The first of its kind is the bar code which is designed to be read by the computer scanners. It contains alternate black and white bars of various widths. Each numeric starts from 0 to 9 with a specific pattern that you want to place as per your wish.

You need to consider both the white and black bars while deciphering the code. Basically the bar code starts and ends with black bar and white bar each one unit in a width.

These are commonly known as start code and end code between this start and end code you will find certain numbers that will be reflected in the bar codes. Basically these UPC codes are used in retail chains to identify the products.

The second parts of these UPC codes are commonly known as the plain text version that is basically printed near the bar code so that the cashier or any reporting person on duty can read it easily. These are basically alternative options used when the scanner is not working in a proper manner.

So in this way the bar code works and we provide you the code that best suits your needs in the right order.

How UPC Code Work?

  • Here are steps the to follow to use UPC Codes on different platforms.
  • 3 Steps Process to use UPC Code


Step 1 – Choose a Plan

Choose from one of the above UPC packages. Remember: You need 1 UPC code per product variation. This means that if you sell a shirt that comes in 5 sizes and 5 colors, you’ll need 25 UPC codes for that shirt style. Each unique product requires a UPC code if it varies even slightly.



Step 2 – Buy UPC Codes

Upon receipt of payment(within 30 mins or less), your unique UPC codes will be delivered as an email attachment. Upon receiving your UPC codes, we also provide you with multiple barcode image generator tools to generate your barcode images in seconds!



Step 3 – Use UPC Codes

For Amazon Users: Simply enter 1 UPC code per each Amazon listing you create. For Retail Store Users: Generate and Apply the bar-code images to your products. You can have the bar-code image printed directly on your product packaging or apply barcode labels.


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